The new and-improved Wacky Craw has taken the old Wacky craw and given it a 21st-century revamp. The bait was designed to be fished in all applications from the back of a bladed jig in the deepest of waters on a Texas rig or Football jig. The action of the bait creates minimal lift with helps keep the bait running true through the water column.

Wacky Craw_Black Sapphire.jpg


-Length: 4 Inches

-Crawfish imitation 

-Great on the back of a     bladed jig. The wacky action   of the arms creates   minimal lift while retrieving.


Black n Blue Flake

Watermelon Red

Black Red Metal Flake

Watermelon Seed

Chartreuse Pepper

Black Sapphire

Green Pumpkin

Blue Sapphire


Monkey Blood

Wacky Craw