A long time Jawtec classic lure. For the past 20 years, the Benedict boys have had this rigged up at all times. The bait works best when slowly crawling it on the bottom...But we've been known to throw it in a bush every now and then!

French Fry Black.jpg

French Fry


June Bug

Texas Pumpkin Seed

Plum Apple

Baby Bass

Monkey Blood

Blue Flake


Watermelon Blue

Chartreuse Pepper

Red Bug

Black n Blue Flake


Watermelon Seed

Watermelon Red

Green Pumpkin

Green Pumpkin Magic


-Length: 4 Inches


-Throw it on any finesse technique and watch your French fry's become the most versatile finesse worm in the tackle box. When the bait tears up...Turn it around to extend the life of the plastic!