The New Kid on the Block

Let me introduce myself; I am Colt Benedict, The new owner of Jawtec Bait Company. I spent the better part of a decade fishing throughout high school and College. My current path through the fishing world can be traced down to one Seven Pound Fish...

How it Started

It was April 2012, I was a junior in high school. High school bass fishing was a fresh sport. Dad was super excited to get me involved in tournament fishing and signed my Partner and I up for the THSBA open on Lake Ray Hubbard. We launched and begin fishing right at daylight. Within 5 minutes....Doink... I hook up with a whale of a bass. This ended up being big fish of the tournament and we took home second place. Later that evening after the tournament, I get a message from Scott Darragh from Dallas Baptist university. We discussed opportunities to fish for the Team in College but ended up not deciding to go to college and not pursue fishing tournaments anymore. Fast forward to my sophomore year of college. Scott and I connected again. I told Scott that I knew that I needed to continue to pursue fishing in college and could prove that I was equip enough as an angler to compete at the college level. He got me in contact with Dallas Baptists fishing team director Connor Smith. 


Keeping in Touch with the Community

Fishing in College taught me many things, Most of them were relating to fishing in different parts of the country. Fishing is not cookie cutter. There is no handbook on how to catch em. I fished with many of the greatest fisherman to never fish professionally for their age as well as against some of the top tier pros of today. I learned that yes, I loved fishing but the full time commitment was not going to allow my then fiancé, Meagan Benedict to grow as a family. After 3 national Championship appearances as well as a 4 top 10 finishes in the FLW/BASS/ACA College series. I was done. Not done with Fishing, Just done for the time being.

Now, Fishing is purely for fun. Yes, Tournament fishing is a passion of mine; But being a better father and Husband are top on my list. Giving up this dream has allowed Jawtec to reopen. Dad told me that fishing professionally and running a Lure manufacturing company at the same time leads to one of them failing. 

Jawtec is about changing the world of fishing for the better. Please reach out via Social Media and keep in touch, in the mean time.... Good Fishing,

Colt Benedict