The Originating of Jawtec

Bruce Benedict Founded Jawtec Bait Company along Side his wife Charlsie Benedict. These two with the help of some awesome Prostaff/employees and Reps took the fishing world by storm. From the mega release of Jawtec in the Japanese Market to the nationwide distribution of Jawtec. The market didn't know what they had on their hands....


Early Days

Jawtec was built on the backs of independent dealers across the united states. Bruce made relations with many stores and quickly spread across the Texas and Southern united states with the original line of Jawtec Baits. Classics like the 4" Wacky Worm and original Wacky Craw sold as fast as they could be made. In the Late 1980's, Jawtec Baits hit the international market in Japan. Bruce made 4 trips to Japan; We recently learned the widespread impact that Jawtec made in Japan from our social media Pages. Many Japanese Anglers have spared post and stories about Bruce and Jawtec.

Keeping in Touch with the Community

Many Companies started off small and grew faster than expected. Bruce and Charlsie Benedict created a well known company and Jawtec is ready to be reintroduced to the world. We want to create a community of Dealers/Anglers/Distributors that will change the fishing world forever.  Please reach out to us with Any questions about our products and where to purchase our products.